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Interview with Stuart Johns, Author of the “Ǽrworuld” Series

“‘Why do you invade my resting place, stranger?’ Coenred gripped the hilt of his shield and the hairs on his neck stood up, his common sense screaming at him to flee this place; but he did not draw the mace. … Continue reading

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Interview with Jamie Hall of ‘Primitive Method’

Over the past couple decades, a new vitality has re-entered the study of history. More and more people are reading history for leisure, attending historically themed events, and participating in ‘living history’ groups and historical reenactments. Somewhere between the professional … Continue reading

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Gemōt: 2011 Colloquiums, Conferences, Etc.

From time to time I come across announcements of upcoming symposiums, colloquiums, lectures, calls-for-papers, etc. on topics related to the theme of this blog. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, some of these events passed before I finally got around to making … Continue reading

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