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Cræft: The Seafarer

Recently at the twitter feed I received a message from Kevin Clark, composer, regarding an interesting piece of work. The work is a short film adaptation of a cello piece Kevin wrote for the cellist Rachel Gawell to use as musical accompaniment to her dramatic … Continue reading

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Dream-Cræft: History for Music Lovers

Via a post by Medievalists.net I present to you three of many awesome history-themed music videos by History for Music Lovers (also check them out on Facebook and Twitter). I’ve put these three videos into the “History Music” playlist on the Old English Blog YouTube as … Continue reading

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Leornung: Wealhþēode Sangcræft

What better way to pass your time than by enjoying traditional Welsh music? Start your musical trek by heading over to the trac cymru YouTube channel to listen to some songs, then give the trac-cymru official page a gander. After that, you might want to … Continue reading

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Dream-Cræft: Sequentia ond Leaves’ Eyes

Benjamin Bagby, well-known for his solo performances of Beowulf in the original Old English (click here to see his recitation of the famous opening lines), is now on his “Voices from the Island Sanctuary” tour with his group Sequentia, an ensemble … Continue reading

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