Gemōt: 2011 Colloquiums, Conferences, Etc.

From time to time I come across announcements of upcoming symposiums, colloquiums, lectures, calls-for-papers, etc. on topics related to the theme of this blog. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, some of these events passed before I finally got around to making this post. But be that as it may, I’ll now take the time to post the upcoming ones that I know of, as well as the ones gone by as a reference point. Anybody who knows of any events or the like that I don’t mention, please leave a comment and I’ll add the info to this post.

First, a link to check out is for the Festival of British Archaeology where you can search for a great number of archaeological activities taking place throughout the UK. If I have time at some point, I’ll add the items to the list below. Due to the sheer volume of events, however, I think this unlikely and for that reason I provide the above link. And now here’s the list of events that I know of.

February 2011:


March 2011:


April 2011:


May 2011:


June 2011: 


July 2011:


August 2011:


September 2011:


October 2011:


November 2011:

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