Þæt Eald-Ænglisce Blog on Scribd!

I’m happy to publicly launch Þæt Eald-Ænglisce Blog on Scribd! Over the past few months I have slowly been building up the collection on the account – and I give a big thanks to Medievalists.net who unwittingly helped me in this endeavor. Now that there are over a hundred documents (103 as of this exact moment), the moment seems ripe to make the entire collection accessible. Click to visit the Old English Blog – Scribd!

You may also connect with the Þæt Eald-Ænglisce Blog Facebook page to keep abreast of future uploads to the Scribd shelf or YouTube channel, as well as new posts made here.

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1 Response to Þæt Eald-Ænglisce Blog on Scribd!

  1. AenglscriptEnlight says:

    First, thanks, for having this site.
    It was my intention to have ÆnglscriptEnlight as my Wikipedia pen-name. The electronic system had limitations and would not allow it. There is not a large number of articles posted as of yet on topics about ancient history in the Netherland-Nord-Emerald Isles and surrounding region. Visits in number will probably be made to this site.

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