Leornung: Ælfas ond Dweorgas ond Wyrd, oh my!

Certainly at least some of my readers must be interested in ancient Germanic mythology. And why not, it is quite interesting after all! Here are a couple of links to get you learning about Elves in England and dwarves in Norse mythology. Follow that up by following a short discussion on the issue of belief of wyrd in a Christian Anglo-Saxon world. If all that has piqued your interest, then read an interesting interview with a professor of Icelandic studies and check out the five books she recommends.

In the interview mention is made of the connection between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. If you wish to learn more, then buy an awesome poster on Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and look at a variety of Viking brooches in England. I wonder in what ways the Viking villages in the Danelaw (and elsewhere) looked similar to and different from Anglo-Saxon villages. Speaking of all this, did you know about the connection between Chippenham, King Alfred, and Vikings? In the long run, Anglo-Saxons and Norse just never managed to get along, and in the end a combination of Norwegians and Normans did the Anglo-Saxons in.

Lastly, many who are interested in the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings are interested in their respective languages as well. Such people will therefore most likely want to check out the Journal of English and Germanic Philology. And if you are decently versed in Old Norse, please help a newbie out by participating in a short discussion on the Old Norse preposition i.

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