Tīdunga: Lichfield Anglo-Saxon Bonanza!

If you have read even one post here at this blog, then you already know that the Staffordshire Hoard will go on tour this summer, and that one stop is the cathedral in Lichfield. If you will attend the Lichfield event, then you will get to see, in fact, an Anglo-Saxon bonanza! It seems to me that Lichfield will be the place to be for Anglo-Saxonists. Well, Lichfield AND Sutton Hoo – there will be a new exhibition there which replicates the original burial chamber. Sounds exciting!

Get into that Anglo-Saxon mood by downloading an Anglo-Saxon history app for your phone, communicating with followers of neo-Anglo-Saxon heathenry, reading about Maps and Monsters and swords, and watching a video on Medieval England. For a more literary look, read The Word Exchange (and check out an article with input from one of the co-editors). It may help to first learn a bit of Old English grammar though. In case you consider taking a class on Old English, first check out an interesting article about a professor of Old English. While you are learning Old English, you might as well study the wider period of the English language from Old English to Middle English.

If you could care less about Anglo-Saxons and their language, and demand Viking resources, then worry not! You can read about the Norse genesis of the world, and if you have any questions afterwards, ask away at a tumblr page on Norse mythology/history. You can alternatively do a little legwork of your own and read books on Old Norse themes. If you are already knowledgeable in Norse mythology, then consider fleshing out and fixing up a rough Wikipedia article on Svartálfar and Svartálfaheimr.

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1 Response to Tīdunga: Lichfield Anglo-Saxon Bonanza!

  1. esmeraldamac says:

    I can see Lichfield will be popular this summer, not least with me! It’s so good to see it near to home, where people can see their own heritage. I only wish that Tullie House Museum in Carlisle had managed to keep the Crosby Garrett helmet.

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