Leornung: Sprǣc ond Ealu

For those who don’t know, some ancient Viking traditions have survived in the Orkney islands or are being revived. Here is a good resource on modern paganism for those with a more specifically religious interest in the modern practice of the old Norse religion. And as such people tend to also have an interest in runes, for them I recommend reading the new Wikipedia article on the Ovansjö Runestones. Speaking of runes, stones, and runestones, The Assembly Project is an awesome project whose focus is on cataloguing the sites of ancient meeting places throughout Northern Europe

Besides leaving behind traditions and the remains of gathering places, the Vikings left behind their influence on the development of the English language. A new book on vocabulary within English dialects illustrates the even deeper influence that isn’t evident in standard written English.

Last, but definitely not least, it’s well-known how Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and the other Germanic peoples loved their alcohol. But there are many questions on the topic of alcohol among the Germanic tribes, one such question is on the etymology of the word ‘ale‘.

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