Bōc: on þām Internete “The Industrial Arts of the Anglo-Saxons” ond ōðre bēc

I just lucked upon a collection of downloadable .pdf versions of books on various Anglo-Saxon topics.

Language and Literature:
The Anglo-Saxon Library
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: MS E
Old English: a Linguistic Introduction

The industrial Arts of the Anglo-Saxons
The Art of the Anglo-Saxon Goldsmith

The Saints and Missionaries of the Anglo-Saxon Era
Imagining the Anglo-Saxon Past: The Search for Anglo-Saxon Paganism and Anglo-Saxon Trial by Jury

The Anglo Saxons: Synthesis and Achievements
Arthur and the Anglo-Saxon Wars
Britons in Anglo-Saxon England

And while I haven’t put any link to download it, a newly released book is The Word Exchange available for purchase at your local book store or via online retailers. Read a review on the book from the Washington Post.

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