Leornung: sēo Englisce Sprǣc ond Wicce-Cræft

Not much to post at the moment, but I did just come across two recent linguistic papers on the Old English language, both having been published by the University of Cambridge’s journal English Language and Linguistics. The first paper focuses on fricatives in Old English, and the second on the use of the demonstrative se in Beowulf.

Next, a new article has recently appeared at Wikipedia on Magic in Anglo-Saxon England. Right now the article is absolutely bare-bones, so those of you with knowledge in this field, feel free to go to the page and fill it out a bit – lazy highschool and university students will much appreciate it.

And of course what happens to practitioners of magic (from the point of view of those who are strict Christians)? Well, check out the illustrations of damnation in late Anglo-Saxon manuscripts to find out.

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