Ærend-gewrit: Wicu 1-6 February 2011 on Twittere

The past week was a bit slower at Þæt Eald-Ænglisce Blog’s Twitter feed. Here’s the week in review, in case you missed it.


The big news this week in the realm of Anglo-Saxon archeology is the coming-to-light of 700 colors photos taken at the excavation of the Sutton-Hoo burial. The photos are of huge significance because only around 30 official photos had been taken at the excavations, and most notes taken at the time were lost during the war. Now archeologists will be able to fill in all the lost information on the original state of Sutton-Hoo.

Medievalist.net has just posted a page with a huge collection of scholarly articles on various aspects of the Anglo-Saxons. Get your fill here


To start off, what may be news for some but not for others, it appears that the Vikings revered Stone Age objects. The bigger news, however, is that the “sunstones” of Viking legend may in fact be more reality than myth. You can find a couple of general articles at newscientist.com and nature.com, but in order to read the work that has prompted this newest discussion, for now you’ll need to pay for the Royal Society’s journal “Philosophical Transactions B“. If you want to discuss the study or the implications thereof free-of-charge though, then head on over to the thread at historum.com

And just as they did with the Anglo-Saxons, Medievalist.net also posted a page with their collection of articles on Vikings and another page with their articles specifically on the Vikings in Greenland

After the recent news about the large amount of Viking genes still in existence around Liverpool, it comes as little surprise that researchers are now looking for male Manx participants for a genetic study into Viking ancestry on the Isle of Man.

And just a stone’s throw away in Ireland, there will be a Viking archeology symposium in Dublin at the end of April. Also, with the recent discovery of the Viking longport at Linn Duachaill comes the launch of the official website at http://www.linnduachaill.ie/.


I didn’t find much on the Celts this week at twitter. However, Medievalists.net did post an interesting article on Irish kingship and an extremely informative article on land use in early medieval Wales. And just at the end of last year (but I only found out now), a new book was published on the everyday life of medieval Scotland.

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