Leornung: þā Engle ond Seaxe ond sēo Englisce Sprǣc

A couple of days ago I presented a number of links to Norse-related sites, and now I give to you just a few for the Anglo-Saxons.

For those unfamiliar with the Anglo-Saxons, besides all the articles one can find at Wikipedia, there’s also a nice, short write-up at factoidz.com. A good, scholarly post on Anglo-Saxon law was recently written by Dr. Sarah Woodbury which can be viewed at her site. Another site of interest with a few intriguing articles to-date (and hopefully with more to come) is Anglo-Saxon Age.

And lastly, today I came across a couple sets of Powerpoint notes (in .pdf format) which, as far as I can tell, were created by Dr. Heather Littlefield for a “History of the English Language” course at Northeastern University. The notes are great for those looking for a really short, to-the-point summary of the main morphological and syntactical properties of Old English and Middle English.

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