Þæt Eald-Ænglisce Blog on YouTube!

I’m happy to announce the official launch of an audio-visual companion to Þæt Eald-Ænglisce Blog on YouTube! Go to the Old English Blog Youtube channel and browse through various playlists, each with numerous videos ready to watch. While there are only a few videos to watch at the moment, over time the collection will expand. Also, if you come across any good videos that are worth adding to the playlists, feel free to leave a comment here, on the YouTube channel, or via message at the Old English Blog Twitter feed.

Lastly, another exciting project I wish to develop is an E-Beowulf page, with the text in the original Old English accompanied by audio recording of the text being read. For this I’m looking for somebody to volunteer to do the reading. Prospective applicants should have a good grasp of Old English phonology. Anybody interested should please send an email to oldenglishblog at gmail dot com to receive further details.

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