Leornung: þā Norþmen ond sēo Norenne Sprǣc

Today my email inbox was inundated with a wave of Norse related sites. And so, for your Norse pleasure, I present a number of them below.

To start off with, I came across a nice article on Odin. It probably presents nothing new to those well-versed in Norse mythology, but for those just starting out it could be a good reference. For further reading concerning Norse mythology, head on over to The Norse Mythology Blog.

For a bit of a mixture between the historical and the fictional (it’s often a blurry line when it comes to medieval history), check out Vinland Publishing’s blog that has a specific historical-fiction look at the Viking settlers of Greenland. And about the Vikings more generally, both historically and mythologically, visit Rowdy Geirsson’s awesome site Scandinavian Aggression. Make sure to also check out his humorous (but NSFW) “Norse History for Bostonians” series. And don’t forget to look through his links – anything you could want related to the Norse, he’s got a link for!

Moving on to Norse language and literature, the Cambridge University Press has recently published a book titled “The Cambridge Introduction to the Old Norse-Icelandic Saga“, which looks to be a promising read. And what better way to start getting into the Icelandic Saga mood than by brushing up on your Old Icelandic? Well here’s a site with a few sets of Old Norse flashcards to chew on.

Yet another site to check out is what is probably the best academic site on the net for Old Norse related news, that is the appropriately named Old Norse News administered by Chris Abram, Department of Scandinavian Studies, University College London.

And one last item, a piece of news in fact, the legendary Viking fortress Linn Duachaill has recently been found approximately 45 miles north of Dublin. Read more at Archeology Magazine.


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